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At NASI, we collaborate with clients to provide our industry expertise and create comprehensive and customized security solutions.

Security Services

North American Security and Investigations (NASI) is focused on delivering premier-quality security solutions for the high-requirement government and commercial clients. We are uniquely prepared to support any organization by providing first-class security services through our well-trained, highly-qualified security officers and management. Our united industry-leading commitment to security, safety, innovation, and cost efficiency makes us the right security choice.

Security Officers provide crucial support and security services daily to millions of tenants and visitors at government and commercial facilities nationwide. They present a visible deterrent, safeguard and secure government assets and provide a safe and secure environment for employees and visitors. NASI stands ready to provide security services using our proven management concepts that include customer service and quality control and quality of service.

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Security Services Offered

  • Uniformed Security Officers
  • Commercial and Government Security
  • School Security
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Security Surveys
  • Roving Patrols
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Safe Passage

Investigative Services

NASI is an exemplary investigative company focused on delivering a wide range of premier-quality investigative services in order to provide excellent services to all clients. The owner and CEO of the firm have extensive experience in public safety, much of which was at the staff and command levels. Our Chief Investigator is a hands-on supervisor and reviewer of all investigative reports and ensures that they are complete, accurate, well-written, and thorough. Our Case Manager has the responsibility of ensuring timelines are met, documentation is in compliance with the needs and requests of the client. In order to fulfill the needs of our clients, NASI maintains a core of experienced and well-trained investigative managers and access to trained and vetted professional investigators not only in California but also across the nation and in strategic parts of the globe. Our staff is comprised of individuals with tremendous attention to detail who strive to provide the most accurate and comprehensive report possible, usually exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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Investigative Services Offered

  • Pre-Employment Background Screening
  • Domestic Employment Searches
  • Sub-Rosa (Surveillance)
  • Worker's Compensation Fraud Investigations
  • Criminal History Searches
  • AOE/COE Investigations
  • Workplace Investigations

Janitorial Services

NASI keeps facilities clean and sanitary, enhancing their appearance and preserving long-term property values. This is achieved through a blend of manpower, equipment, supplies, and state-of-the-art cleaning techniques.

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Janitorial Services Offered

  • Commercial office cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Small Business Complexes
  • Transportation Centers
  • Window cleaning
  • Hygienic controls
  • Green cleaning

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